Make Drinking Beer and Parties more Fun while adding to your Decor with Large German Glass Beer Boots. At our Specialty Mugs and Cups Store we offer Authentic Glass German Beer Boots, just like Beer Fest’s “Das Boot”, in Big 1 litter and other Sizes at the Best Sales Prices.

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German Glass Beer Boots, like Beer Fest’s “Das Boot” are Real!

When drinking beer whether with small group of friends or at a party you want to have fun. This is why every true beer drinking culture, such as Germany has celebrations such as Oktoberfest and fun traditions like the Glass Beer Boot. Many of you probably saw the 2006 movie, “Beer Fest” and the infamous glass beer boot, “Das Boot” used in the drinking challenges. That may even be why you are here. However, what you may not know and be happy to learn is that glass beer mug boots are real. Beer Fest’s inspiration for “Das Boot” came from real European drinking competitions and 150 year old or older English and German history. Not only that , but if you want to make your next beer drinking party more fun or add a unique piece of collectable decor to your home, bar or restaurant, you can actually buy an authentic German beer boot, just like Beer Fest’s, “Das Boot”.

A Brief History of Glass Beer Boots:

Glass beer boots were first used in England starting back in the early 1800’s. These glass boots while often called beer mugs are actually cups, because they do not have handles. The early English glass beer boots were typically 12-16 ounce cups and were used at hunting and riding clubs. The English beer boots are easy to spot as they have a riding spur strap that wraps around their heels. English glass beer boot “mugs” while used in riding clubs for 70 or so years fell out of favor and almost completely disappeared by the 1870s. However, in the mid 1800’s the glass beer boot appears for the first time in Germany and found a permanent long term home in German beer drinking culture. German glass beer drinking boots, or ‘Bierstiefeln’ in German, are larger than their early English counterparts. Most authentic German beer boots for sale are big 1-litter (33 ounces) cups (they do not have mug handles) and like the huge “Das Boot” featured in Beer Fest and do not have the riding spur strap. German beer boots while also technically cups not mugs are also commonly referred to as “beer boot mugs.”

There are many different stories about how and why Germans started drinking beer from glass boot cups. The most popular and common being that a Prussian general promised his troops to drink beer from his own boot if they were successful in battle. When his troops prevailed, the Prussian general had a glass boot made to keep his promise without tasting his own feet or spoiling the beer in his leather boot. This turned into a tradition for German soldiers during World War One. German soldiers would pass around am actual leather boot filled with beer, (because they did not have access to glass beer boot mugs and obviously didn’t mind tasting their own feet) as symbol for good luck. The soldiers would flick the boot before drinking the beer for good luck, and then flick it again before passing it to wish the next soldier good luck.

It wasn’t just German soldiers. The beer boot was adopted by the whole German military. Drinking an entire 1 litter glass beer boot became a popular rite of passage, and German military commanders reportedly promised to drink a boot if a battle was won. Around this time, larger sizes of the glass beer boots were developed probably to make them harder to finish in one gulp and to increase the bragging rights one could claim from finishing the larger amount of beer. Since then, German soldiers have enjoyed toasting their victories with beer boot mugs. Glass beer boot cups 1-litter and larger, such as Das Boot featured in Beer Fest, were also used by civilians in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, for festive drinking challenges. At almost any bar in Germany you would be able to buy a large 1 litter or bigger boot shaped glass mug full of beer and try to impress your friends by finishing the whole cup. People also bought them to have in their home for parties and beer drinking festivals.

During and after World War II American GIs discovered glass beer boot mugs while stationed in Germany. Many of these authentic large glass beer boots were sent back to the USA as collectibles and war bounty. After the war many German breweries used glass beer boots to promote their beer. The sizes of these big specialty mugs and large novelty boot shaped cups ranged from 1-3 liters. As the demand and sales of glass beer boots increased, so did the number of glassware manufactures that produced them. All of the major glassware companies had at least one type of German beer boot for sale in their catalog. However, despite their growing popularity from the 1950’s to the release of Beer Fest and “Das Boot” in 2006 glass beer boots where not commonly known or used outside of Germany. Sure there were German taverns and restaurants in the United States that may have used authentic glass beer boots as decorations or novelty beer drinking cups. And there have always been German beer fans and collectors who knew of them, but they were not known or used by the public at large, until now.

You can Buy Das Boot!

After the release of the party movie Beer Fest and the introduction “Das Boot” to the general public authentic German beer boot mugs have become extremely popular. Big glass beer boots are tons of fun and make any beer drinking occasion or party more fun. We want to make sure to drink responsibly, but think of all the fun beer drinking games and challenges you can have with “Das Boot”! Large authentic German glass boots besides being fun beer drinking mugs and cups, also make great pieces of decor, and unique gift ideas. If you are a fan of Beer Fest and “Das Boot”, are a collector of Authentic German beer mugs and cups or are just love beer and fun then a large glass beer drinking party boot will make a welcome addition to your home, bar or restaurant. When buying a glass beer boot for sale it is important to purchase an authentic high quality German boot that will last. After Beer Fest everyone wanted to find and buy “Das Boot” for parties and beer drinking games. As demand grew for German beer boots you started to see more and more cheap plastic knock offs for sale. These cheap plastic beer boots are not authentic, do not look like authentic glass German beer boots and easily break. Spending a little bit more money upfront on a high quality German beer boot made from real glass will ensure you get an authentic “Das Boot” that will not easily break, has the look you want and that you will be proud own, use, display or gift. Buying authentic glass German beer boots instead of cheap plastic boot shaped mugs and cups for sale will also often save you money in the long run not having to replace them.

Why Buy Authentic German Glass Beer Boots from Us:

At our specialty beer mugs and cups store we offer authentic German beer boots for sale at the best possible prices. The glass beer boots we offer come in a variety of classic German designs including a plain glass 1 and 2 litter boot for sale that just like Beer Fest’s “Das Boot”. Our authentic German beer boots are either machine made in Poland or Handmade in Germany, depending on the one you buy. All of our large German beer boots are made from high quality thick glass that looks great and will last. Our authentic German beer boot mugs and cups make drinking beer more fun, are historic pieces of decor and make great gifts ideas for the beer enthusiasts and collectors in your life. Buying authentic glass beer drinking boots may not be cheap; however being an online based specialty mugs and novelty beer cups we do not have many of the expensive operating costs of traditional drinkware stores. This coupled with the fact that we work directly with German and other European distributors directly allows us to offer authentic high quality glass beer boots and other specialty mugs and collectible cups at the lowest possible sales prices. Our authentic German beer boots are shipped directly from the manufacturers and distributors to your front door, event or place of business. We make it easy and affordable for you to add an authentic glass beer boot to your collection, give one a gift, or surprise friends and family next time you host a party with German beer drinking boot just like Beer Fests Das Boot! If you have any questions or need any help finding or buying the best glass beer boot for you please let us know and we will be happy to help.
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