Own a Piece of Collectible Fine Art, while making Beer Drink Occasions more Memorable and Fun, Buying an Authentic German made Crystal Beer Stein. I offer Genuine German Crystal Beer Steins, made from Real Bohemian Lead Free Glass-Crystal and Fine Pewter Lids, at the Best Online Sale Prices.

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People have always liked and been attracted to shiny pretty things and who can blame us? Cups, mugs and even decorative and collectible authentic German beer steins with pewter lids were all originally made for utilitarian purposes and were constructed from basic materials such as bone, wood and clay. However, as soon as were able started to make them out of prettier more attractive materials such as crystal glass we did. Not because crystal is cheaper, easier to make or makes the cups, mugs or German beer steins more durable. No, we did it because real high quality crystal glass is shiny, beautiful and turns a boring ever day beer stein into a decorative and collectible work of fine art. High quality glass crystal is genuinely one of the finest and most beautiful materials used to make high end drinkware and other fine products. There are examples of natural colored led glass mugs and decorative cups dating back to Mesopotamia. However, modern clear lead glass also known as crystal was first discovered by Englishman George Ravenscroft, in 1674. He found that by adding lead oxide it greatly improved the appearance of the glass, made it easier to melt and increased the "working period" or time the glass could be shaped,. This made glass crystal easier to manipulate than standard glass allowing craftsman to create much more elaborate and decoratively German beer steins, specialty mugs, collectible cups and other fine crystal drinkware.

  During the 16th and 17th century the English were really the only people making decorative glass and fine crystal beer mugs. However, in the 18th century, lead glass crystal became popular throughout Europe. By the end of the century, lead-crystal glass was being produced in France, Hungary, Germany, and Norway. Traditional Bohemian and German beer stein and glass makers began creating their own clear and colored crystal instead of competing against it. It is during this time period in which you see the most examples of fine German made authentic led-glass crystal beer drinking steins. Authentic antique led crystal beer steins were primarily used as specialty mugs at ceremonies and special occasions as well as for decoration. German and Bohemian made crystal is some of the best glass crystal in the world. Both the real lead glass antique crystal beer mugs from the 18th and 19th century as well as modern authentic led free German and Bohemian crystal beer steins are absolutely beautiful and truly are pieces of fine art. Like most fine German beer steins these vintage German made genuine lead crystal steins featured beautiful pewter lids.

  As beautiful as authentic German beer steins and other specialty crystal beer mugs and cups are, real led crystal is really not used now a days to store or serve drinks, due to the potential health risks of lead. It is believed that gout among the upper classes in Europe and America was, at least in part, caused by their extensive use of genuine lead crystal drink ware. An alternative material is crystal glass, in which barium oxide, zinc oxide, or potassium oxide are used instead of lead oxide. Lead-free crystal has a similar refractive index to real lead crystal and is just as beautiful, but it is lighter and has less dispersive power. So it doesn’t leak passions chemicals into your beer the way real lead crystal German beer steins, mugs and other crystal drinkware would. The best authentic lead free glass crystal German beer stein mugs with pewter lids for sale today are just as decorative, collectible and beautiful as ever before. German and Bohemian made crystal beer steins, while extremely decorative and collectible can be used to drink beer or other beverages. Using real crystal beer mugs and collectible steins definitely makes any beer drinking occasion more fun and memorable. However, due to their value and beauty it is understandable if you are buying yours primarily as a piece of art and for its fine decorative value. Whether you are going to use your fine glass crystal beer stein mug for drinking beer or not, they look absolutely amazing as part of collection or as their own decorative piece. Their elegance allows them to be used in a variety of ways and they make an amazing gift for the beer lover, crystal or specialty cup collector in your life.

  At my online specialty drinkware store I offer a great selection of authentic German and Bohemian made fine lead free glass crystal beer steins at the best possible online sales prices. The beautiful crystal beer steins I have for sale are handcrafted using genuine Bohemian and German Crystal. The crystal bodies of the collector’s series steins are made in the Czech Republic using real Bohemian crystal. The pewter lids are then handcrafted and applied in Germany. The other crystal beer stein mugs are all handmade in Germany from start to finish using fine German pewter and the best crystal. Each of the authentic fine crystal beer steins I have for sale is a collectible of superior quality and true elegance. Both of the German stein manufactures exclusively selected true specialists to craft these fine masterpieces. Using real Bohemian crystal it is first hand-blown in a wooden mold by the experienced artists. Then the decorative crystal beer stein mugs are precisely finished by hand, to create the precious look of these fine specialty cups. All metal details and lids are also hand-cast and crafted using genuine pewter with a minimum of 95% pewter content, meeting the highest standards of strength and purity. You simply are not going to find better, higher quality, German made real crystal beer steins or mugs for sale anywhere. Authentic German crystal beer steins, with real pewter lids and made by some of the worlds best and most skilled artists are not ever going to be cheap. However, being an online based business that works directly with the German manufactures allows me to offer these decorative crystal beer drinking mugs and other collectible steins at the best possible sales prices. Making it easy and affordable for you to get a fine authentic German made crystal beer stein for you or as a great gift for a friend or family member. If you have any questions about our authentic German made beer steins I have for sale, the lead free real Bohemian crystal or genuine pewter lids please let me know and I will be happy to help.

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