Bring out the Aroma, Color and Clarity of your Favorite Beers, while Keeping it Colder Longer, with Large 1 Liter Dimpled Glass Beer Mugs. At my Specialty Glassware Store, I offer Thick, High Quality, Dimpled Glass Beer Drinking Mugs, Handmade by Authentic German Stein Manufactures, at the Best Online Sales Prices.

When drinking beer we want it to be cold and refreshing. This is why most beer drinkers prefer glass beer mugs to cans, bottles and traditional cups. Large glass beer mugs for sale are durable, can be put in the freezer and keep beer colder longer, because your hand does not warm up the cup. However, regular glass beer mugs for sale are a bit boring. The large 1 liter dimpled glass beer mug is a classic beer drinking vessel that provides all the benefits and maybe even a few more benefits, than traditional glass beer mugs and authentic German steins. Dimpled beer mugs, while a classic, are relatively new when compared to other types of specialty beer drinking cups.  At the end of the Victorian Era people still most commonly drank beer from pewter tankards, which hid the sediment that was found floating around in the vintage ales and lagers of the time. However, soon after pubs started becoming lit much better and the filtering practice used while brewing became much more reliable. Beer drinkers quickly started to take notice and appreciate the new clarity of their beers.  During this time large clear glass beer mugs started becoming more and more popular, because they show off the clarity of the beer and allow beer drinkers to judge and appreciate its color.

In the 1920's, the first mass produced glassware for drinking beer was a ten-sided pint mug. It is believed that the dimpled mug arrived later roughly around 1948, at the end of World War II as bitter beers rose in popularity over amber and dark beers.  The Dimpled beer mug quickly became popular for its grenade like appearance and texture. Dimpled beer mugs were also popular with pub owners because of their strength, and their dimpled pattern makes them easier to grab, even when wet.  It is believed that the unique and decorative dimple pattern was first introduced to simply save on the amount of glass used when making them. Large dimpled glass beer mugs are wider at the mouth than at the base and feature a thick handle. Vintage dimpled beer drinking mugs have thick glass walls perfect for keeping your favorite beers cold. Like German beer steins and tankards for sale, vintage 1 liter dimpled beer mugs handles prevent you from having to touch the glass or warm its contents with your hand. Their wide mouths are excellent for catching and enjoying the aromas. The mugs dimples also catch the light and really show off the color and clarity of beer, particularly bitter bears.
Over the last few decades vintage dimpled glass beer drinking mugs have become less and less common due to their cost. Storing them is also a hassle for pubs because dimpled mugs are not stackable. Dimpled beer mugs have always been sought after by collectors and beer enthusiasts. However, over the last few years there has been a sharp increase in their popularity, due to the rise of craft beers. As craft beer has become more and more popular so to have dimpled beer mugs as people are looking to pair the perfect specialty glassware with their favorite craft beers. Similar to authentic German beer steins, the dimpled beer mug is a symbolic element of beer drinking history. Its unique characteristics make it distinct from other specialty beer drinking cups and perfect for serving specific varieties of beers. Even though dimpled beer mugs are not really German, their sales always go up around the time Oktoberfest beers are reintroduced.  Large 1 liter dimpled glass beer mugs pair perfectly with a variety of German beers and the best dimpled glassware for beer is manufactured by authentic German stein makers. Dimpled beer mugs are best paired with really any beer, but most commonly:
  • -American IPA
  • -Dark lagers
  • -Scottish ale
  • -Stout
  • -Smoked beer
  • -Cream ale
At my specialty online drinkware store, I offer thick, high quality, large 1 liter dimpled glass beer mugs, at the best online sales prices. The dimpled beer mugs I have for sale are made in Germany, by authentic German Rhein beer stein manufactures. These dimpled beer mugs are great for special occasions, hanging out drinking beer with friends and family and even collectible decor. They are machine washable and extremely tough. Whether shopping for yourself or looking for a gift, if you want to buy a thick durable glass beer drinking mug that will pair perfect with a variety of beers, keep beer colder longer and has a unique and distinctive vintage look, one of our authentic German made dimpled beer mug is a great choice. The other great thing about our German made dimpled beer mugs, when compared to most other high quality glassware, is its price. Being an online based specialty glassware store that works directly with the German beer stein manufactures allows me to offer these thick high quality dimpled mugs at the very best sales prices. If you have any questions about our dimpled glass German beer mugs please give us a call or send us and we will be happy to help.  
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