Add a Classic Norse Viking or Mid-Evil Style Stein to your Collection, Buying an Authentic German made Dragon Beer Drinking Stein. At my Specialty Beer Mugs and Novelty Cups Store, I offer Unique German made Stoneware Dragon Beer Steins, with Real Pewter lids and Decorative Hand Painted Reliefs, at the Best Online Sales Prices.

Dragons are one of world’s most popular and enduring mythological creatures. Stories of dragons, pictures and other artwork featuring dragons are known and have come from almost every culture. We do not know exactly when the first dragon stories began, but we do know they were described and depicted by ancient Greeks and Sumerians.  For most of history dragons were thought of as being like other exotic / mythological animals, sometimes they are protective and helpful, while other times destructive and dangerous. This changed, particularly in Europe when Christianity spread. Dragons took on a sinister interpretation and came to represent Satan. In medieval times, most people who heard anything about dragons knew them from the Bible. It was also during the middle ages that collectible German beer steins were first created. While for utilitarian purposes originally, many of these authentic early stoneware German beer steins for sale featured hand painted reliefs and other unique and decorative artwork featuring dragons. Dragons are an important part of German myth and culture. There are a several different types of German dragons that originate from Norse and Germanic mythology and Christianity. There are many examples of beautiful stoneware Viking and German beer steins featuring hand painted reliefs of knights slaying dragons, dragons by themselves or molded into the handle or real pewter lid.

Even though beer steins continue to be popular to this day, most authentic German made steins have a vintage mid-evil / Viking look and feel. (This is part of what makes them unique and collectible to this day.) The same thing is true of dragon art and collectibles. It only makes sense that decorative beer steins featuring Vikings, European knights and dragons are today popular and collectible. Whether you are collector of unique and decorative German beer steins, specialty beer drinking mugs and cups, dragon artwork, Viking and / or mid-evil collectibles, an authentic hand painted stoneware German made dragon beer stein for sale is a great choice. The best authentic handmade German dragon beer steins for sale have real pewter lids, elaborate molding, decorative accents and hand painted reliefs. They look great as part of collection or as their own unique and decorative accent. They also make great gift ideas for the collector, dragon or German beer fan in your life. Besides being decorative, collectible and having a rich Norse Viking and Germanic history, dragon beer steins are great for drinking beer. Like other specialty beer drinking mugs, dragon steins have handles, so your hand will not warm the cylinder or beer. Most authentic German made dragon beer steins for sale are stoneware, which can be frosted in the freezer and will not easily crack or become brittle. Besides keeping beer cold, dragon beer steins are unique, decorative and will make any beer drinking occasion more memorable and fun.

At my specialty drinkware store I offer a great selection of collectible, authentic German made dragon beer steins at the best online sales prices. The unique and decorative novelty dragon steins for sale in my online store are real stoneware beer steins, made in Germany. They have real pewter lids, decoratively molded handles and feature hand painted reliefs. They are also made in the Rhine region of Germany, from stoneware and pewter and feature the same classic German and Viking dragons as the dragon steins made in Germany during the middle ages. Authentic handmade German beer steins featuring hand painted reliefs and real pewter lids are never cheap. However, being an online based specialty beer mugs and cups store I do not have the overhead of traditional novelty drinkware stores. This allows me to offer these authentic German made and hand painted dragon beer steins at the best possible online sales prices. I also provide detailed product description and pictures. If you have any questions about our unique and decorative collectible dragon beer steins or need any help finding the best one for you, please give us a call or send us an email and we will be happy to help. 
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