Make Drinking Shots, Liquor and Liqueurs more Fun, while adding a Unique and Decorative Novelty Mug or Glass to your Collection, buying Collectible German Stoneware Beer Stein Shot Cups and Authentic Liqueur Glasses. I offer Real German made Fine Stoneware Ceramic Porcelain Shot Glasses with Artistic Hand Painted Reliefs and Specialty Glass Liqueur Cups, at Discount Online Sales Prices.

When drinking and taking shots with friends and family at home, it is supposed to be fun and memorable. Drinking shots is fun pretty much no matter what, but what about the cup? The shot glass is something that is rarely thought about. Normal everyday liqueur glasses and shot cups for sale will get the job done, but are boring and un-unique. Authentic German stoneware shot cups and decorative liquor glasses for sale online are unique hand painted stein style ceramic porcelain shot cups and elegant glasses that are collectible, make unique gift ideas and certainly make taking shots and drinking with friends and family that much more memorable and fun. Germany may be more known for Oktoberfest, beer and novelty stoneware beer steins than for alcohol, decorative shot glasses and unique liqueur cups. However, even at Oktoberfest you will find fun loving Germans enjoy liqueurs and taking shots with stein style stoneware shot glasses, along with their favorite beers.

  Authentic novelty stoneware German shot glasses are made by world famous beer stein manufactures such as King Werks and Zoeller & Born. They are hand painted, fun, artistic and collectible. Unique stoneware German beer stein shot glasses for sale are not only artistic and collectible, but are also really great for drinking shots, liqueurs and liqueur from. Like traditional stoneware beer steins, authentic German made fine ceramic porcelain shot cups have handles and decorative hand painted reliefs. Authentic German shot and liqueur glasses for sale are made from super thick high quality glass, are extremely elegant and made to last. Whether you want to make drinking and taking shots with friends and family more fun and memorable, are looking for unique gift or want to add fun, novelty German stoneware shot cups and real glasses to your specialty cup collection, authentic Zoeller & Born and other German made liqueur cups and decorative shot glasses are a great choice.

  At my speciality online drinkware store I offer authentic German made stoneware shot cups and collectible liqueur glasses, at the best possible discount online sales prices. The fine ceramic porcelain shot glasses are made by the world famous German stoneware beer stein maker, Zoeller & Born. Like their authentic stoneware steins, these unique ceramic porcelain shot glasses, feature fun and artistic hand painted reliefs. Theses novelty stoneware shot cups are fun, collectible and great for taking shots. Our decorative shot glasses and traditional liqueur cups are also made in Germany and are of the highest quality. Novelty German shot glasses and liquor cups are never cheap. However, being a specialty online drinkware store that works directly with the novelty German shot glass and liqueur cup manufactures, allows me to offer everyday discount sales prices, and the cheapest possible shipping rates on these unique glass and decorative hand painted stoneware shot cups. I also provide detailed product description and high resolution photos to make it as easy as possible for you to find and buy the best collectible German shot glass for you.

  If you have any questions about any of the unique, authentic and collectible stoneware German shot cups or novelty decorative liqueur glasses for sale in our specialty online drinkware store, please let us know and we will be happy to help.

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