Make Drinking Wine more Fun and Memorable, while adding Unique and Decorative Home Decor Accents, buying German Römer Wine Glasses and Medieval Stoneware Wine Goblets. I offer Authentic German Rhein made Wine Glasses, including Vintage Green Stem Roemer Glasses and Hand Painted Porcelain Wine Goblets, at the Best Online Sales Prices

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Germany, is probably more known for beer and large decorative beer cups than wine and wine glasses. However, Germany has a rich wine history, which includes unique and decorative hand painted fine stoneware porcelain wine goblets and vintage green stem römer or roemer glasses. German wine dates all the way back to ancient Roman times, around 70 - 270 AD. In those days, the western parts of today's Germany, made up the outpost of the Roman Empire that fought against the Germanic tribes on the Eastern side of Rhine River. Before the era of Charlemagne, it is in Western Germany and in the Roman outposts that Germanic viticulture was primarily practiced. Charlemagne is supposed to have brought wine east of the Rhine to Rheingau or Rhein. In the Rhein, German vineyards flourished for several medieval centuries. The vineyards of Germany expanded, until it is believed they reached their greatest extent, sometime around 1500. Today, German wine is still produced primarily in the Rhein region of Germany. Whether you are a fan of German wine or not, German wine has an important place in history and played a large role in the expansion of Christianity in Europe. To drink their wine, German glass and stein makers, created a uniquely shaped wine glass called a römer or roemer glass, which is perfect for German wine, as well as decorative hand painted porcelain stoneware goblets. Vintage German roemer glasses and authentic hand painted porcelain wine goblets for sale are decorative, collectible, make great gifts, have a unique history and make drinking wine, especially German wine, more enjoyable and fun.

  The vintage green stem römer or roemer glass is the original German wine glass. The roemer, is a type of wineglass that evolved in the Rheingeu Rhein River wine country areas of Germany over several centuries, until reaching its present form (which is considered perfection by German wine enthusiasts) in the 17th century. The shape of an authentic German roemer goblet is a hemisphere, superimposed on a cylinder, with a hollow foot, which is made by coiling threads of molten glass around a conical core. Authentic German Rhein made römer wine glasses and goblets always have solid colored green stems and most, but not all roemers have decorative gold rims. They are called römer glasses as a tribute to the Romans, who first brought wine to Germany. The green stem comes from the potash and sand from the forest, called “forest glass”. Originally the entire roemer glasses was all solid green, but wine lovers felt that the green interfered with the color and presentation of the wine, as well as prevented the drinker from judging the purity of the wine. For these reasons German roemer wine glass goblet makers started making them with a green stem and clear bowls. The bowls themselves are often decorated with paintings and etched glass. To this day almost every German household has a set of these unique and decorative German Rhein made vintage green stem roemer wine glass goblets.

  Handmade medieval style stoneware porcelain German wine goblets and glasses date back almost as far as römer glasses. One of the primary reasons for the decline of wine and the amount of vineyards in the Rhein area of Germany is because of the rise of German beer in 16th century. During this time decorative hand painted porcelain beer steins became very popular throughout medieval Germany. However, no matter how popular beer became, wine continued to have its place in German culture. Vintage stoneware stein makers, particularly ones in the Rhein area wanted to capitalize from the German wine market, and often manufactured decorative hand painted porcelain wine glasses, as well as steins. These German made and hand painted porcelain wine goblets, are often similar in shape to roemer glasses, but other than that they are very different. Unlike authentic römer glasses for sale, which have characteristics such as the green stem that always stay the same, medieval style porcelain German wine goblets feature a variety of different artistic accents. Real porcelain German wine goblets, like stoneware beer steins, are extremely decorative, feature a variety of colors and different hand painted reliefs. These porcelain wine glasses were sold primarily as novelties, gifts and decorations. However, medieval stoneware wine glasses and goblets were also used for celebrations, as well as day to day wine drinking.

  Today, authentic German made vintage green stems roemer glasses and real hand painted porcelain wine goblets are just as decorative, collectible and unique today as they were during medieval times. Both real römer wine goblets and hand decorated stoneware porcelain wine glasses, look great as part of a collection or as their own unique and decorative accent. The shape of vintage German roemer wine glasses and authentic hand painted Rhein made porcelain wine goblets, has been perfected for German wines, as well as a variety of other red and white wines. German wine glasses are also fun and different when compared to traditional stemware. Decorative hand painted porcelain wine goblets and vintage green stem German roemer glasses make drinking wine with friends and family that much more of fun and memorable experience. They also make great gifts for the German wine enthusiast, historian, specialty/novelty cup collector or person that has everything. Whether shopping for yourself or looking for a great gift, authentic green stem German Rhein roemer glasses and decorative hand painted porcelain medieval style wine goblets make a great addition or start to your or their collection and will be appreciated, used, talked about and enjoyed for years and years and more than likely passed down as collectible heirloom.

  At my specialty drinkware store I offer a variety of authentic German made vintage green stem römer glasses and decorative hand painted medieval style wine goblets, at the best possible online sales prices. Both the roemer wine goblets and porcelain German wine glasses are made in Germany. The vintage green stem traditional roemer glasses we have for sale are the same German wine glasses used on many of the famous Rhine River Cruises and are made using the same techniques today, as they were when they were perfect in the Rhein, back the 17th century. Our decorative hand painted medieval style stoneware porcelain wine goblets are made by Zoeller and Born, a famous family owned operation, which has been producing high quality stoneware wine glasses and German beer steins since 1956. Their porcelain wine goblets and authentic stoneware steins feature stunning hand painted reliefs, beautiful colors and amazing molding. Zoeller and Born is one of only a few remaining German stoneware stein and porcelain wine goblet companies that still produce their drinkware in Germany, using only real German materials and labor. If you are looking for an authentic German made vintage green stem roemer glass or decorative, high quality, hand painted medieval style porcelain wine goblet, you have found the right place. Our German stoneware wine glasses and römer goblets are as authentic as it gets. Made in Germany and shipped to your front door.

  Being an online based German drinkware store, which works directly with the German companies that manufacture these amazing roemer wine glasses and decorative hand painted porcelain goblets, allows me to keep my operating costs down. This low overhead, when compared to most other specialty drinkware stores and high end novelty gifts shops, allows me to offer these vintage German made stoneware wine glasses and vintage green stem roemer goblets at the very best online sales prices. I make it easy and affordable for you to buy authentic German made römer wine glasses and decorative hand painted medieval style porcelain goblets. If you have any questions about our any of our German wine glasses please let me know and I will be happy to help

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