Get Tall, Durable and Easy to Clean Mugs that Stay Frosted in the Freezer and make Drinking Beer more Enjoyable, Buying the Best Glass Tankards. At my Specialty Drinkware Store, I offer Thick, High Quality, Large Glass Beer Drinking Mugs, with Decorative Metal Logos, at Cheap Discount Online Sales Prices.

Whether hanging out with friends or just relaxing after a long day of work there are very few things more refreshing and satisfying than a tall freezer frosted glass mug of your favorite beer. On the flip side of that there are very few things as unsatisfying as a warm beer. When you drink beer strait from the can or bottle your hand quickly warms the container and the beer within. The same is true for regular glass beer cups. Tall mugs are typically the best glassware for beer, because you drink holding the mug’s handle, not the cup. This prevents your hand from warming the mug, keeping your beer colder, for longer. When deciding on what type of beer mug to buy, you want to consider a few things. If you are going to use the beer mug, not just display it as a collectible novelty, then you want to purchase a quality cup that will last, get extremely cold in the freezer, as quickly as possible without becoming brittle and is large enough to leave room for beers with head. You also want the tall beer mug you buy to be easy to clean and be able to be used for drinking a variety of different beers. These are a few of the primary reasons why most pubs, bars and restaurants serve their guests with large clear glass beer mug tankards, frosted from the freezer.

  Thick glass is extremely durable. High quality clear glass beer mugs can be slammed against bars and tables without chipping or shattering and do not become brittle when they get cold. Glass mug tankards get extremely cold in the freezer, pretty quickly, and as long as you keep your hands off the cup part of the large glass beer mug, it will stay frosted and keep your beer colder, longer. Glass is also more hygienic than other materials. Unlike other beer mugs and specialty cups, which have small microscopic bubbles on their surface that bacteria and past beverages can find their way into, glass tankards are smooth. Because of this there isn’t any where inside the cup for moisture to settle, or that will be missed when the tall glass beer drinking mug is washed. This is not only more hygienic and healthier, but will also make you favorite beers taste better. This is because there isn’t anywhere inside the clear glass beer mug’s cup for traces of past beverages to taint the flavor of your beer. They are also clear, which allow you to see the beer you are drinking, so you can cage its color and purity. Tall glass beer mugs, unlike specialty cups made for drinking specific types of beer, are great for drinking a variety of different bears. Regardless of what type of beer you like, you cannot really go wrong drinking or serving it, from a large, freezer frosted, clear glass beer mug tankard.

  When purchasing large glass beer drinking mugs for sale, it is important to keep in mind that not all glass cups are created equal. Cheap glass tankards are cheap for a reason. They are often made from cheap discount quality glass that is extremely thin. Often low quality glass beer mugs will advertise they are 2 walled tankards, this only means that there is a gap of air between two thin pieces of glass. These cheap tall clear glass beer drinking mugs and cups are not nearly as durable and will not last nearly as long as extra thick glass tankards, without gaps. Thick glass is extremely durable and will not crack or ship easily. Thick high quality large clear glass beer mugs and cups may cost a bit more upfront than their cheap discount quality counterparts, but will often save you money in the long run not having to replace them. It is also a good idea to buy a large glass beer mug that is unique and decorative. Part of drinking beer is the experience. Unique tall beer tankards, made from thick high quality glass and featuring decorative metal logos reflective of your interests, make beer drinking occasions that much more fun and memorable. Large clear glass beer mugs, with decorative metal accents, are also collectible and look great in man caves, game rooms, bars or anywhere else. Many lower quality glass beer mugs and collectible cups use stickers and decals for their logos and other decorative accents, instead of metal plaques. Stickers and decals fade and start to peel off the mug after not much use. Even when they are new, discount quality glass beer tankards with stickers and decals, instead of metal plaques, look cheap. Whether for you or as gift for the beer enthusiast in your life, high quality decorative clear glass beer mugs with metal logos that will last, instead of cheap are great investment that will last, make your beer taste better and when frosted in the freezer stay colder, longer, and make drinking beer more fun and enjoyable.

   At my specialty online drinkware store, I offer a great selection of the best clear glass beer drinking mugs, at the cheapest possible online sales prices. All of the tall glass beer mugs I have for sale, both the handles and cups themselves, are made from extremely thick high quality glass that will not crack, chip or easily break. All of the large clear glass beer drinking mugs I have for sale feature decorative metal plaques, not cheap stickers or decals. These metal logos are of the highest quality and look absolutely amazing. These large clear glass beer mug tankards are great for everyday use and can be kept safely frosted in the freezer at all times. Their thick high quality glass and metal plaques also make them collectible and wonderful addition to any decor. Being an online based specialty drinkware store, I do not have many of the expensive operating costs of traditional stores. This allows me to offer these thick high quality tall glass beer mugs and other specialty cups, at everyday cheap discount sales prices. Making it easy and affordable for you buy the best clear glass beer drinking mugs with decorative metal logos and other collectible novelty cups from the comfort of home. You can definitely find cheaper glass beer mugs for sale online, but you will not find better, longer lasting glass cup tankards with decorative metal logos like these for less. If you have any questions about our large clear glass beer drinking mugs or any of other specialty cups please let me know and I will be happy to help.

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