Get a Giant Decorative and Collectible German Stein that can be used like any other Large Freezable Beer Drinking Mug or Cup, Buying an Old Style Bavarian Glass Beer Stein. I offer Authentic West German Glass Beer Steins featuring Artistic Etchings & other Decorative Accents at the Best Sales Prices

Beer steins were originally created around 1525, in what is now Western Germany and Bavaria. These specialty mugs had hinged lids to protect people from drinking beer and other liquids that had been contaminated. However, German beer steins, their lids, hinges and materials were very expensive for that time. This made them worth decorative engravings and artistic accents. The quality of the materials, decorative accents and artistic touches is what has made large West German and Bavarian beer steins so popular and collectible. In the latter half of the 19th century, old West German and Bavarian beer stein makers started to find advantages to using different materials for their large decorative mugs and cups. Using glass, old Bavarian and West German stein makers could produce multiple glass mugs and giant cups at once, as well as easily add unique and decorative accents using acid etchings, glass staining, or multicolored overlays. Glass is also more hygienic than other materials. This is the reason why most restaurants serve their beverages in huge glass mugs, cups and other glassware. It is also why most of the giant beer steins for sale at Germany’s famous Oktoberfest are made from glass.

Today, decorative West German and old Bavarian etched glass beer steins are as popular and collectible as ever. You may not need the lid for health reasons any more, but drinking beer with friends and family out of a giant glass German beer stein makes every beer drinking experience much more fun and memorable. Besides making beer drinking more fun, large glass beer steins for sale, also help make your beer taste better and stay colder longer than other cups and mugs. Decorative German steins, made from other materials are great, but they are not as functional as glass. The glass used to make cups, mugs and other German glassware is thick and not as fragile as other stein making materials. Glass also stays colder longer than other materials. Even though large glass beer steins are extremely decorative and collectible they can still be used like any other huge beer mug or glass cup and are perfect for the freezer. However, unlike giant glass cups for sale, beer steins are specialty mugs that have handles. Holding the large mug handle instead of the cup will prevent your hand from warming the glass stein, keeping your beer that much colder, that much longer. Also, because glass is so hygienic and cleans so completely you will not have left over flavors from other beverages tainting the taste of your favorite beers.

Besides making beer drinking better and more fun, large West German and Bavarian glass steins are extremely unique, decorative and collectible. Even if you do not drink beer or intend to use your collectible stein primarily for display, Old Style Bavarian and giant West German glass beer steins are extremely artistic and make great additions to game rooms, man caves, kitchens, living room mantles and bars. Their unique and decorative artistic etches, stained glass and multi color overlays make them collectible pieces of decor, that look great by themselves, or as part of a larger collection. Huge old style Bavarian and West German glass beer stein for sale also make great gifts for the beer enthusiast or specialty glassware collector in your life. Regardless though of why you are buying a large glass beer stein mug, it is important to buy one that you will be proud to own and will last. Cheap glass beer steins, are cheap for a reason. They are often made from cheap, low quality glass, have cheaply made hinges and lids and feature un-unique mast produced etched engravings. Spending a bit more upfront on an authentic old style Bavarian glass beer stein that was actually made in West Germany, will ensure you get a collectible specialty beer drinking mug that will last and you will be proud give as gift, use or display.

At my specialty drinkware and collectible German glassware store I offer a huge selection of decorative glass beer steins for sale. The large old style Bavarian and authentic West German glass beer steins I have for sale feature artistic etchings, embossed pewter appliqués, stained glass and fired colored overlays. They are of the highest quality and look absolutely amazing. We carry a huge variety of different styles, so we are sure to have the perfect etched or other decorative glass beer stein for you. Giant, decorative, high quality glass beer drinking steins are never cheap. However, being an online based specialty drinkware and store I have less overhead than other stores with authentic German glassware for sale. This allows me to offer these authentic, highly collectible West German glass beer steins mugs at the best possible online sales prices. Our huge decorative glass beer steins are shipped as quickly as possible direct from Western Germany to your front door. If you have any questions or need any help finding the best collectible German glass stein for you, the beer enthusiast or specialty German glassware collector in your life please let me know and I will be happy to help.

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