Own Decorative Beer Drinking Stein that is Unique, Rare and Collectible Buying an Authentic Limited Collector’s Edition German Beer Stein. I offer King and other Special Individually Numbered Real Handmade German Limited Edition Beer Steins, at the Best Online Sales Prices.

Beer drinking steins, as you may know, were originally created to help stop the spread of diseases after the black plague. However, due to the expense of pewter, stoneware and time it took to fasten the hinged lids to the cylinder made beer steins worth adorning with artistic accents, decorative molding and other ornamental accents. The decorative pewter lids, hand painted reliefs and elaborate molding made beer steins artistic and collectible. The collectability of German beer steins is really what has allowed them to remain a popular novelty and become a classic symbol of Oktoberfest and German Beer. One of the things that made these early beer steins for sale so collectible was they were all handmade and not mass produced. The beer stein you bought was not only artistic and decorative, but it was also rare and unique. Today, any authentic German made beer stein for sale is going to be decorative, cool and collectible in its own right, but is mass produced. When something is mass produced it will never truly be a collectible because anyone can just go and buy one. For something to be collectible besides being artistic and decorative it has to be rare. If you are a collector or looking for a gift for one, you want a truly collectible beer stein that isn’t mass produced like a limited edition King or other authentic German made collector’s series beer stein.  

Collector’s or limited edition beer steins are not mass produced the way other German beer steins are. Authentic limited, collector’s edition beer steins only have a 100 – 10,000 thousand made, and once they are sold that is it. The fewer the number of beer steins there are in that special limited edition the more valuable, rare and collectable they become. When purchasing a limited edition collector’s series beer stein for sale it is important that it is individually numbered and handmade in Germany. King-Werks, (also known as Wuerfel and Mueller) Thewalt and Zoeller and Born are 3 of the remaining authentic German Beer Stein makers that continue to hand make real limited edition collector series beer steins to this day. Zoeller and Born, Thewalt and King, decorative collector’s edition beer steins are handmade in Germany and individually numbered, so you know you are buying an authentic German made limited edition beer stein. Zoeller and Born and King, limited edition beer steins are not only made in Germany, but also only use German materials. King and the other authentic handmade special edition German beer steins for sale feature real pewter lids, as well as unique and decorative art. They come in a variety of styles, as well as materials, including crystal, stoneware ceramic porcelain, glass and pewter. They look great on their own or as part of a decorative limited edition handmade German beer steins collection. King and the other collector’s edition beer steins for sale also make wonderful gift ideas for the specialty cup collector, historian or German beer enthusiast in your life. Besides being decorative, rare and collectible limited edition novelty beer steins can also be used to drink beer with and will make any beer drinking occasion more fun and memorable.

Here, at my specialty online beer mugs store, I offer a great selection of authentic handmade limited edition beer steins from King-Werks, Thewalt and Zoeller and Born, at the best online sale prices. All of the King and other collectible beer steins for sale in this section are part of a limited edition and have only 100 – 10,000 made. Some of the beer steins for sale in my online store are the last one or have only a few left before that limited edition is sold out. Once sold out, they are never coming back and can only be bought privately from other collectors. If you see a King or other limited special edition handmade German beer stein you like, I encourage you to buy it before it’s gone. Authentic handmade Germam Thewalt, Zoeller and Born and King-Werks limited edition beer steins for sale are never cheap, however, being an online based novelty cups and specialty beer mugs store I have much less overhead than traditional glassware stores. These savings allow me to offer these real German made King and other limited collector’s edition novelty beer steins at the best possible online sales prices. I also provide detailed product information and high resolution pictures to make it as easy as possible for you to find and buy the perfect limited edition King or other collector’s edition handmade decorative German beer stein for you.  

If you have any questions about any of our authentic handmade German Thewalt, Zoeller and Born or King-Werks limited edition beer steins, give us a call or send us an email and we will be happy to help. 
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