Show Support for US Armed Forces and make Drinking Beer more Fun while adding a Decorative Collectible, Buying an Authentic German made US Military Regimental Beer Stein. I offer German made Regimental US Military Beer Steins, with Real Pewter Lids, Artistic Engravings & Hand Painted Side Scene Reliefs in Fine Porcelain, Glass and Crystal, at the Best Online Sales Prices.

Germany has a rich military history. If there is any one thing that captures the spirit of Imperial Germany’s Armed Forces in beautiful and artistic fashion it has to be the decorative and collectible regimental beer stein. Regimental beer steins became popular during an upsurge in German nationalism and pride after the success of the Franco-Russian War and a young popular emperor Kaiser Wilhelm II began expanding the Germany’s military in 1888. The collectible regimental beer stein became a symbol of patriotic loyalty to the fatherland, or to a regiment. Regimental beer steins were typically porcelain, but occasionally they were made from stoneware and sometimes glass or pewter. The decorative side scenes artwork on most authentic regimental German military beer steins depicted training scenes and portraits. Some German military beer drinking steins for sale depicted combat scenes, but this was rare. The lids and other pewter work on most authentic armed forces regimental German beer steins is both elaborate and meaningful, further adding to their beauty and collectability.

During World War II many US soldiers brought back decorative regimental German beer drinking steins as collectibles. Immediately after hostilities ended, the US Army was charged with keeping peace and restoring Germany. The US military role changed to being an ally after the civilian government was reestablished in West Germany in 1949. To this day the 85,000 Armed Service men and women of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization are stationed in Western Europe, with the bulk of these soldiers serving in Germany. One of the German customs followed by these US troops is that of the Kaiser’s soldiers; purchasing a personalized beer stein to commemorate their Armed Forces military tour of duty. Authentic US military steins are similar to the original German regimental beer drinking stein, but side scenes and other art feature branches of the US Armed Forces, decorative flags, characters and other classic patriotic American symbols. While some of the original German regimental and US military beer steins can be found for sale today in commercial collectible stein auctions, but they are few and far between, expensive and often not as bright and colorful as they once were.  

If you are looking for a great gift or are a collector of US military memorabilia, German steins or specialty cups then new German made porcelain US military beer steins for sale are a great choice. The authentic US military beer steins made in Germany today, are made from fine porcelain and feature elaborate and meaningful pewter work, hand painted reliefs and other decorative patriotic side scenes just like the original regimental beer drinking steins. The best German made US armed forces beer steins side scenes feature artistic hand painted characters reliefs, patriotic symbols, military bases and other classic US armed services artwork. Fine porcelain, glass and other authentic German made military steins make great gifts for service men and women, collectors and beer enthusiast. They look great as part of a collection or on their own. They are also good for drinking beer from. Like other mugs, collectible US regimental military beer steins have a handle so your hand never has to touch or warm the cylinder. Porcelain and glass are durable materials that are easy to clean will not become brittle if you put it in the freezer. Besides keeping beer colder longer, artistic US military beer steins are unique, decorative and will make drinking beer with friends more fun and memorable.

At my specialty online drinkware store I offer authentic German made US military beer drinking steins with decorative and patriotic side scenes and real pewter lids, for sale in fine porcelain, crystal and glass. The collectible porcelain and crystal regimental steins are made by the world famous King-Werks beer steins company in Germany, with German materials. The glass US military beer drinking steins are also made in Germany. Regardless the US Armed Forces branch, the type of stein, type of artwork or side scene you are looking for, we have the best German made military beer stein for you, at a discount online sales price. Authentic German made regimental and US Armed Forces beer steins are never cheap. However, being an online based collectible cups and specialty beer mugs store I am able to keep my overhead relatively low. This low overhead allows me to offer these amazing King-Werks and other authentic German made US military beer drinking steins at everyday cheap discount online sales prices. After your purchase, the US military beer stein is shipped as quickly as possible from the stein makers in Germany to your front door. If you have any questions about our artistic German made regimental US military beer steins, their side scenes, materials or anything else, send us an email or give us a call and we will be happy to help.  
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