Find a Unique Specialty Gift Perfect for the Occasion or add a Collectible Beer Drinking Cup to your Collection, Buying a Vintage plain Pewter Mug or Decorative Metal Tankard. I offer Engraved, Stamped and Plain, English Made, Fine Pewter Tankards, with Vintage Glass Bottoms, at the Best Sales Prices and Cheap Flat Rate Shipping

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  Finding gifts that say thank you or commemorate special events and achievements can be difficult. It can also be difficult if you are collector, to find fine high quality, specialty beer mugs and cups for sale, that are unique, decorative and make a good addition or start, to your collection. Tankard mugs are some of the oldest drinking vessels in the world. Tankards are a form of specialty drinkware, consisting of a large cylinder shaped cup, with a single handle. Vintage beer tankards are usually made in the English style, using silver or metal pewter for the cup and mug handle. (However, tankard mugs are made from other materials.) English metal beer drinking tankards, also commonly have clear glass bottoms, decorative engravings, artistic stamps, or are left fairly plain, to showcase the fine pewter or silver. Toward the end of the Baroque period, around 1800, pewter and silver tankards were uncommon in Germany. However, the English were making tankard mugs and other specialty beer drinking cups almost exclusively from pewter and silver metal.

  After 1800, The Napoleonic war and other rebellions of the time greatly diminished the upper class’s wealth and power. This caused the middle class to become the largest market for decorative tankards and other artistic luxury products. This middle class preferred sturdy, functional folk art to expensive renaissance style extravagance. The straight-sided, cylindrical pewter tankard became very popular during this time, not just in England, but in the rest of the world as well. Using silver, pewter and other metals, tankard makers could create extremely durable mugs and specialty beer drinking cups, with decorative engravings and artistic stamps. The middle class loved these vintage metal beer tankards, because the fine pewter or silver, while shiny and beautiful, is also strong and durable. They could proudly display their fine English pewter beer tankard, as well as also use it without worrying about breaking it or shipping off extravagant molding. These metal beer mug tankards were decorative, functional and unlike the renaissance period’s specialty beer drinking mugs and cups, featured engraved or stamped folk art, this powerful middle class related to.

  The glass bottoms of vintage pewter tankards and other metal English beer drinking mugs and cups are legend to have been developed as a way of refusing the King's shilling. To take the “king's shilling”, meant to sign up for English military service. Because military service was not a desirable profession at that time, a bonus payment of one shilling was offered to try to get low paid workers to leave their jobs. If they accepted, it was almost impossible to leave the English military. English recruiting sergeants often used less than honest methods to secure new recruits, such as getting the man drunk and slipping the shilling into his pocket and then hauling him before the magistrate, (probably still half drunk and hung-over) the following morning. Another was buying the man a pint, and hiding the shilling at the bottom of the pewter tankard it was served in. Having drunk his mug of beer, the unfortunate drinker unknowingly accepted the King's offer. As a result, engraved, stamped and plain English metal tankards and pewter beer drinking mugs were made with glass bottoms, so the drinker could see the coin in the bottom of the glass and refuse the drink, and enlistment in the English military.

  Other legends, besides avoiding English military services, for why vintage pewter beer mugs and metal cups have glass bottoms are, in a bar fight the first punch was often thrown while the recipient had the tankard raised to his mouth. Having a glass bottom to the metal tankard allowed the drinker to see the attack coming and then use the pewter mug in defense. Other people believe the glass bottoms were added to silver, fine pewter and other metal tankards so that the drinker could see the beer he or she was drinking and be able to judge its’ clarity. I personally believe the glass bottoms were added for a combination of all these reasons, but no one knows for sure. What we do know is, vintage English style fine pewter beer tankards with glass bottoms and decorative engravings or artistic stamps are unique specialty cups that are just as cool and collectible today, as they were at the height of their popularity, in the 1800's. Metal tankards make great gifts for special occasions, birthdays, business achievements and other gift giving occasions. Many pewter beer tankards feature engravings and stamps perfect for a variety of specialty gift giving situations.

  Pewter beer tankards are also extremely unique and collectible. If you are looking for a unique and decorative addition to your decor, are a collector of specialty mugs and collectible cups or are thinking of starting a collection, authentic English made metal beer tankards for sale, with vintage glass bottoms, decorative engravings, artistic stamps or plain fine pewter, are all great choices. The great thing about fine English pewter mugs and silver tankards are decoratively, they are very versatile. Authentic English made metal beer mug tankards, look great by themselves on a desk or mental, as part of collection, in bars, man caves, offices, living rooms and anywhere else. Whether you are giving a gift or buying the novelty cup for yourself, a vintage, English made, fine pewter beer tankard for sale is a great choice that you or they will proudly display and maybe even use from time to time. Besides being a collectible, novelty metal mugs and pewter cups are hygienic, easy to clean and fun to use when drinking beer with friends and family. Using your pewter beer tankards will create a unique and memorable atmosphere for your party or event.

  At my specialty online drinkware store, I offer a great selection of authentic English made fine pewter tankards with vintage glass bottoms. All of the metal beer mugs I have for sale are approximately 5” tall and hold about 1 pint. They are also all made in England using fine English pewter and feature either engravings for special events, artistic stamps and decorative handles or are left plain. Regardless of whether you are looking for a specialty gift to say thank you or congratulations, or are buying the vintage metal mug for your collection, I have the best fine pewter beer tankard for you, at a relatively cheap online sales price. Authentic English made fine pewter beer mugs are never cheap. However, being an online based specialty cups and collectible drinkware store, which works directly with the English manufacture, I am able to offer these vintage metal tankards with glass bottoms, at the cheapest sales prices, with the fastest most affordable shipping possible. These beautiful engraved, stamped and plain fine pewter beer tankards are shipped directly from England to your front door or event, for a cheap flat rate of only $8.99!

  If you have any questions about our plain, stamped or engraved authentic English made fine pewter beer tankard mugs we have for sale, please let me know and I will be happy to help.

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