Make Drinking Beer More Fun with a Unique, Collectible Cup that is Affordable and Actually Good to Use, buying an Old Style Large German Decorated Stoneware Mug. I offer Authentic German made .5L and Jumbo 1L fine Ceramic Porcelain Beer Mug Tankards, at the Best Possible Online Sales Prices.

  When drinking beer we want the beer to of course taste its best, stay as cold as possible, for as long as possible and have fun. Drinking beer with friends and family is an occasion, something we want to be fun and memorable. Serving and drinking beer from the can, bottle, regular cup or glass is boring, causes your beer to warm up faster and because it is used to drink other liquids, may have left over traces of past beverages, which taints the flavor of your beer. This is why it is a good idea to invest in fine, high quality, old style stoneware German beer mugs and jumbo ceramic porcelain tankards. Large .5L (16.9oz) and jumbo 1L (33.80z) German beer mugs are big enough to leave room for beers with head, can be frosted in the freezer and keep beer colder longer. This is because your hand does not directly touch and heat the cup part of the clay stoneware mug. The other great thing about jumbo old style earthenware clay and fine ceramic porcelain beer mugs is that typically you would only use them to drink beer. This prevents residues left by past beverages from tainting the amazing flavor of your favorite beers. When purchasing a jumbo beer mug, besides being large enough, freezable, and having a handle, it is also a good idea to find a unique, decorated, old style German stoneware cup that makes drinking beer more fun and memorable.

  Decorative old style stoneware beer mug tankards become popular during the 16th century. Earthenware clay was the first materials, other than wood and animal, to make specialty beer drinking mugs and novelty cups. As a matter of fact "Stein" is an abbreviation of the German word Steingut, which means stoneware. The word "stein" may have also originated from the German word Steinzeugkrug, which means stoneware jug or tankard. Today, steins refer to tankards with lids, but those specialty stoneware beer mugs were not introduced until much later. Before the introduction of glass drinkware in the 19th century, stoneware was the primary material used to create mugs, cups and unique jumbo sized decorated beer drinking tankards. However, many German beer mug and specialty cup makers continued using stoneware and old style earthenware clay to create their collectible, large beer tankards. This is because the German craftsman could create unique molds, which allowed them easily mass produce decorative specialty porcelain tankards and fine ceramic beer mugs. Stoneware cups, fine ceramic porcelain mugs and cool old style earthenware clay beer drinking tankards are also extremely beautiful. The unique decorative German accents, cool colors and glaze look amazing and seemingly pop right off the high quality stoneware beer mugs and jumbo earthenware clay tankards. If you are collector of fun novelty cups, specialty German drinkware or are looking for unique decor to decorate a bar, man cave or restaurant, high quality, authentic, German made, .5L and jumbo 1L decorated stoneware old style beer mug tankards are a great choice. They look great and are the original specialty beer drinking mug. No specialty cup collection is truly started or finished without an old style German stoneware beer drinking mug.

  Besides being decorative and collectible, stoneware is also very durable and really does a good job of staying cold. High quality ceramic stoneware porcelain does not chip or crack easily and does not become brittle in the freezer. Once frozen, cool stoneware beer mugs and unique earthenware clay cups stay cold longer than most other materials. Stoneware, is not as hygienic as glass, but is still easy to clean and as long as you only drink beer from it, will not have any flavor tainting residues, left by past beverages. Unlike many other highly decorative and collectible specialty cups, authentic old style .5L and jumbo 1L ceramic German beer mugs are really good for drinking beer from. They are large enough to leave room for beers with head, can be frozen without becoming brittle, stay colder longer than many other materials, are durable and affordable. Fine stoneware porcelain German mugs are not the cheapest beer drinking cups for sale. However, they are much more affordable than most other highly collectible novelty cups and they can actually be used. Jumbo stoneware beer mugs will also last much longer than cheap low quality beer cups, and make drinking beer much more fun and memorable. Large fine ceramic stoneware beer drinking mugs also make really unique and cool gift ideas for the beer enthusiast or novelty German drinkware collector in your life.

  At my specialty online drinkware store I offer a great selection of authentic, German made, highly collectible, old style stoneware beer mugs at the best sale prices. The cool .5L and jumbo 1L stoneware clay beer mugs I have for sale are all made from fine, high quality stoneware and decorated with classic old style German accents. These unique earthenware clay beer tankards are 100% authentic. Each of the cool .5 and jumbo 1L ceramic beer drinking mugs I have for sale is made and officially licensed in Germany by the famous Hofbrauhaus brewing company. Once ordered the collectible stoneware beer mug tankard is shipped insured directly to your front door. Being an online based specialty drinkware store, I do not have many of the expensive operating costs of traditional glassware, novelties and collectibles gift shops. These savings are passed directly to you and allow me to offer the best possible sales prices on these authentic, German made, old style, earthenware clay and fine ceramic porcelain beer mug tankards. I also provide detailed product information and high quality images, to make it as easy as possible for you to find and buy the best .5L or jumbo 1L decorated stoneware German beer mug for you or unique and cool gift for the collector or beer enthusiast. If you have any questions about any of the decorated German made stoneware beer mugs I have for sale, send me an email or give me a call and I will be happy to help.

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