Bring out the Aromatic Notes and Have Enough Room for the Glorious Head Produced by German Hefeweizen and other Wheat Beers, with a Tall Authentic Bavarian Weizen Glasses. At my Specialty Online Drinkware Store, I offer Collectible Wheat Beer Glasses and Decorative Stoneware Hefe Weizen Cups Handmade in Germany at the Best Sales Prices.

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  There is nothing like a good wheat beer. Its color, flavor, fluffy head, soft feel and aromatic notes for many beer drinkers cannot be beat. However, when not served in the proper cup or glass wheat beer can lose much of its flavor and aroma. To really enjoy a German Hefeweizen, or other wheat beer to its fullest, you have to serve it in a tall Bavarian wheat beer glass. Authentic Bavarian wheat beer glasses are specialty cups that are usually taller than other beer cups. While there are different sizes for sale, traditional stoneware German wheat beer cups and Bavarian Weizen glasses are typically .o5L. They are also narrow at the bottom and slightly wider at the top. The shape of authentic German Hefeweizen cups releases the aromas, and provides room for the often thick heads produced by wheat beer. No matter what your favorite German Hefe Weizen or other wheat beer is, you will enjoy it even more when it’s served in an authentic, decorative and collectible stoneware Weizen cup, or tall specialty wheat beer glass. To truly understand why serving German Hefeweizen and other wheat beers in the proper stoneware cup or tall Bavarian glass is important, it is important to understand a little bit more about wheat beer, its history and ingredients.

 There are two common varieties of wheat beer. Witbier, a Dutch style wheat beer, based on the Belgian tradition of using flavorings such as herb spices and orange peels. It is also often made with raw unfiltered wheat. Weissbier, a German Hefeweizen wheat beer, based on the Bavarian tradition of mixing at least 50% wheat to a barley malt, making a light colored, top-fermenting beer. Both the Belgian Witbiers and the German Weissbiers are also called "white beers" because "wheat" and "white" have the same etymological root in most West Germanic languages. Unfiltered German wheat beers are also often called Hefeweizens. This is because the prefix Hefe is German for yeast and the suffix weizen is German for wheat. Breweries in other countries, particularly the U.S. and Canada, will brew wheat beers based on these two main traditions, but usually with greater variation. In many countries outside of Germany, the terms Hefe and Hefeweizen are commonly used to describe any wheat beer, regardless of whether they are a German or Dutch style “white beer”.

 Traditional Bavarian Hefe Weizen is cloudy from wheat proteins suspended yeast. The yeast used is a speciality used that is only used for making wheat beer. It has a thick, white and long lasting head. Its aroma and flavor carry strong hints of bananas, citrus and clove due to the fermentation process. The specialty yeast adds to and compliments these natural aromatic and flavor notes created during fermentation. The mouth feel is full and soft. Even if you enjoy other styles of wheat beers besides German Hefeweizen, all wheat beers have fluffy long last heads. As well as spice and fruit like flavor and aromas that needs to be brought out for the beer to truly be enjoyed to its fullest. This is why no matter what your favorite wheat beer is, it is best served in tall authentic wheat beer glass or decorative stoneware German cup, that leaves room for the head and is shaped to bring out the flavor and aroma in ways other specialty cups and collectible glasses for sale simply cannot. Bavarian wheat beer cups, also called “Weizen glasses” or “Hefeweizen cups”, originated in Germany, but are now made and used to serve wheat beers all over the world. However, the best most decorative and collectible specialty Bavarian wheat beer glasses and natural stoneware Weizen cups for sale are still hand made in Germany.

 Any tall wheat beer cup with a narrow bottom and wider top will work to bring out the flavor, aroma and leave room for the head of a German Hefe Weizen or other wheat beer. However, when drinking beer, the flavor and aroma isn’t everything, we want to have fun and enjoy the experience as much as possible. Atmosphere has so much to with our overall experience. A normal everyday wheat beer glass is just that, a normal, boring everyday cup. Authentic German stoneware wheat beer cups and tall specialty Bavarian glasses are anything but boring. Traditional stoneware German wheat beer cups and collectible Weizen glasses feature traditional Bavarian artwork and beautifully colored natural stoneware. The authentic Bavarian artwork and decorative stoneware makes German wheat beer cups and glasses extremely unique, and will make any Hefeweizen, or other wheat beer drinking experience more fun and memorable. Authentic German Hefe Weizen cups and tall specialty wheat beer glasses are also great pieces of collectible décor, that look great even when they are not being used. They also make wonderful gifts for the collector, German Hefeweizen or other wheat beer enthusiast in your life.

  At my online specialty drinkware store, I offer a great selection of authentic German stoneware Hefeweizen cups and traditional tall Bavarian wheat beer glasses, at the best online sales prices. Regardless of what your favorite wheat beer is, our collectible authentic Bavarian Hefe Weizen cups will make drinking it more enjoyable. All of our natural stoneware wheat beer cups and specialty glasses are handmade in Germany, and are the highest quality. They look absolutely amazing. Even if you do not drink Hefeweizen, or other wheat beer, these decorative cups make a great addition, or start to a collection. Authentic German stoneware wheat beer cups, and the best Bavarian Weizen glasses are never cheap. However, being an online based specialty drinkware store, that works directly with the German companies that hand make these amazing cups, allows me to offer them at the best possible sales prices, with fast affordable shipping. And while these decorative and authentic German Hefeweizen cups many not be the cheapest tall wheat beer glasses you can buy, they are certainly the best looking and most well made. If you have any questions, or need any help finding the best German stoneware wheat beer cup or tall Bavarian Weizen glass, whether for you or a gift, please let me know and I will be happy to help.

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