Add a Decorative and Collectible Artistic Beer Drinking Stein, Featuring one of the World’s most Amazing Animals, Buying an Authentic German made Wolf Beer Stein. I offer Collectible King Werks Wolf Beer Drinking Stein Tankards, with Real Pewter Lids and Painted Reliefs, at the Best Online Sales Prices.

Wolves are amazing animals, which in a lot of ways mirror us. Wolves, like us, are naturally social and prefer to live in packs, but occasionally do live alone or in pairs. They are prone to violence with wolves that live outside their pack, but show great affection within their pack and occasionally allow lone wolves to join them. This is in so many ways like us. Most of us long to belong to a pack, but also know we have the strength to survive on our own. We are capable of great compassion for those within our pack and to loners, but are typically standoffish and mistrusting of other groups. Wolves are also very powerful and beautiful with their sharp slanting eyes, keen smell, graceful movements, long poignant howls on a full moon and hunting packs. It is no wonder why wolves are the favorite animal of so many people and why artists have and will continue to use wolves as powerful imagery in the collectible art and decor they create. If you love wolves and or beer or are gift shopping for someone who does, an authentic German made wolf beer stein for sale is a great choice. Artistic stoneware wolf beer steins are collectible beer drinking tankards with pewter lids and decorative reliefs, featuring painted wolves. German stoneware wolf beer steins have been popular for centuries and were actually some of the first decorative beer steins made.

Beer steins were originally created to stop the spread of diseases and prevent contaminants from getting into the beer served in the pubs of the time. However, the cost of stoneware and pewter made these early German beer steins worthy of elegant engravings, hand painted reliefs and other artistic accents. Wolves have and always been and probably always will be a popular animal in Germany and in the rest of the world. Some of the earliest and most collectible hand painted stoneware beer steins found feature artistic hand painted reliefs, elaborately carved pewter lids and decorative handles featuring wolves. Today, authentic German made wolf beer stein tankards, such as King Works famous, “Power of the Pack” stoneware mug for sale, are just as popular and collectible as ever. Authentic German wolf beer drinking steins for sale make great gifts for beer enthusiasts, specialty cup collectors and wolf lovers.  They also make great starts or additions to personal beer stein, novelty mug or specialty cup collections and look great as their own decorative piece of decor.

Besides being decorative and collectible, authentic German wolf steins are really great for drinking beer. Stoneware is solid durable material that not only holds paint really well and can have molds made that make producing elaborately carved beer steins and artistic reliefs much easier, but also keeps beverages nice and cold. Like other mugs and tankards, decorative wolf beer steins have a handle so your hand never has touch or warm the cup. Collectible wolf beer steins also help beer taste better, because they are typically not used for other beverages besides drinking beer. Because of this there are not any chemical contaminants left over from past beverages tainting the flavor. The other great thing about drinking beer with an authentic German stoneware wolf beer stein is it is fun! When drinking beer with friends and family we want it to be fun and memorable. Any time you breakout the authentic German made and hand painted wolf stein, I promise it is going to be fun and memorable.

At my specialty online drinkware store, I offer a great selection of authentic German stoneware wolf beer steins at the best online sale prices. All of the collectible stoneware beer stein tankards I have for sale feature real pewter lids and hand painted reliefs. They are made in Germany using German materials by the world famous King Werks beer stein manufacture. Authentic German made King Werks stoneware beer steins, with pewter lids and artistic hand painted reliefs are never cheap. However, as an online business my operating costs are relatively low. This low overhead allows me to offer these decorative, German wolf beer drinking steins, at the best possible sales prices, making it easy and affordable for you to add a decorative wolf beer stein to your collection or find a great gift. If you have any questions about any of the authentic King Werks German wolf beer steins I have for sale, please let me know and I will be happy to help. 
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