Add a Collectible Piece of Historical Decor that is also Fun Buying an Authentic German Beer Stein Horn Mug or Viking Style Horn Drinking Cup. We offer Authentic High Quality German and European made Specialty Hand Blow Crystal and Pewter Drinking Horns at the Best Online Sales Prices.

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  Drinking beer with friends and family is supposed to be fun. Regular drinkware like cups, mugs and glasses get the job done, but are a bit boring. Authentic German and Viking drinking horns are specialty cups and mugs for sale that make any beer drinking occasion much more fun and memorable. Viking drinking horn cups and authentic German horn stein mugs also make great pieces of collectible drinkware decor, that look great even when they are not being used. Horn cups and mugs have been in use in some form or another ever sense prehistoric time. Originally, these specialty cups were literally made from animal horns. This is why common everyday drinking horns from the prehistoric period can no longer be found, they decay. However, the metal fittings of the elite’s ceremonial drinking horns from this time period are preserved archaeologically. While the original drinking horns were real animal horns, people quickly started making them using clay and metal.

  During the migration period Germanic peoples imitated glass drinking horn cups and mug steins from Roman models, and were used in Germany and other parts of Germanic Europe. During the Viking age drinking horns became very popular. Viking drinking horns are typically what most people think of when thinking about beer horns. Viking drinking horns were primarily made from cattle and goat horns, but they were also made from metal. The number of decorative Viking age metal horn beer cups and cup mounts recovered by archaeologists suggests that the drinking horn was very commonly and widely used during this time. Drinking horns were the specialty ceremonial drinking cup for those of high status all through the medieval period. References to drinking horn mugs and cups can be found throughout medieval literature and remained in use for ceremonial purposes throughout the Early Modern period.

  During the Early Modern period lavishly decorated pewter and crystal drinking horn cups and stein mugs continued to be produced as luxury items in 19th to early 20th century Germany. Inspired by the 19th century novel, “Romantic Viking” horn mugs and cups were made for German student corps for ritual drinking. Today these traditions are alive and well in Germany and other parts of Europe. German drinking horns also called horn steins are used in fun family celebrations, institutional traditions and ceremonies as well as events and festivals such as October fest. German crystal pewter drinking horns unlike authentic Viking horns have a base or stand so they can be sat down. Some of the German horn steins for sale are stein style mugs with handles and lids while other are cups without lids and handles.

  Buying an authentic German horn stein mug or Viking style cup will make any beer drinking occasion more fun. They are great for both games and just good old fashioned beer drinking. Even if you do not drink beer, authentic high quality pewter and crystal German drinking horns are extremely decorative, collectible and rich with history. They make great pieces of decor and unique gift ideas for beer lovers, historians and collectors. Decorative drinking horns provide sneak peek into a rich German and Viking cultural past. When buying a drinking horn mug stein or cup, quality is everything. Don’t be fooled by cheap plastic drinking horns that claim to look like authentic German steins and Viking horn cups. There is nothing authentic looking about plastic. Plastic looks like cheap plastic. Spending a bit more money upfront on a high quality drinking horn made from quality materials like pewter and glass will ensure you get an authentic German or Viking style beer horn mug or cup that you will be proud of and want to showcase.

  At my specialty online drinkware store I offer a great selection of authentic German beer horn stein mugs and cups. All of our drinking horns I have for sale are made in Germany or other parts of Europe using the highest quality materials including pewter and crystal. Our authentic Viking style cups and German drinking horn mug steins are extremely decorative and come in a variety of styles. Whether you are looking for classic Viking style pewter drinking horn cup or a specialty hand blow crystal beer stein mug I have the best drinking horn for you, at the lowest possible price. Authentic high quality pewter and crystal German steins and Viking style drinking horns are never cheap. However, being an online based business, which works directly with the German and other European manufactures, I am able to save money in operating costs. These savings are passed directly to you, allowing me to offer authentic highly decorative German beer horns at the best possible sales prices. If you have any questions or need any help finding the best high quality pewter or hand blown crystal drinking horn cup or mug for you or the German beer enthusiast in your life please let me know and I will be happy to help.

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